Federal Identification Numbers

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Federal Identification Numbers

Federal Identification Numbers (FEIN) for Entities and for Foreign Nationals

Application for Federal Identification Number (Entity)
For an investor forming a new entity for a real estate investment, a corresponding FEIN is required to open a bank account, file a tax return with the IRS and file an annual report with the Florida Secretary of State. To obtain a FEIN for an entity, the Internal Revenue Service requires the principal owner to provide his/her Social Security Number (or FEIN if the owner of the entity is also an entity).

Application for Individual Taxpayer FEIN by Foreign National
An application by a foreign national (Form W-7) is required to apply for a FEIN. The most important step in this process is that the individual taxpayer will need to obtain a certified copy of his or her passport from his or her country of origin. Sometimes the U.S. Passport Office in Atlanta, Georgia may be of assistance in obtaining such certified copy.

Power of Attorney
A Power of Attorney (Form 2848) is recommended to assist in completion of the process.

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Updated: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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